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Rocket Shitty H3

Rocket Shitty H3 (Huntsville, Alabama):
Founder name:  Randy “Dog Man” McFarland
First Hash:  November 15, 1997

Story:  Dog Man, who is an active runner, hashed with the St. Louis H3, and moved to Huntsville, Alabama sometime in the 90′s as part of a Base-Realignment And Closure (BRAC).  He got a bunch of his running buddies together and started Rocket Shitty.

On on, -Oedipussy, former Rocket Shitty GM

Hash Mother: Bell Scott H3
Founding Father: Randy ‘Dog Man’ McFarland
Assisted by: unknown
Lineage:Bell Scott H3 [US 1995],Emerald Coast H3 [US 1990],Carolina Trash H3 [US 1984],Little Rock H3 [US 1974],Seoul H3 [KR 1972],Hong Kong H3 [CN 1970],Singapore H3 [SG 1962],Kuala Lumpur H3 [MY 1938],
Descendants: Alice Springs H3 [AU 2002],